MyQ Chamberlain Garage Door

Try Dominic Meglio’s (@dman2306’s) port of Brian Beaird’s SmartThings code. It works perfectly if you add a Contact Sensor. Installs with Hubitat Package Manager. See my post just above for my configuration, but it pretty much works for everyone:

Also worked perfectly on my now-retired C-5.

I have the SmartThings Multi-sensors acting as garage door sensors, MyQ Lite with Chamberlain garage door openers. Is the suggestion to remove MyQ lite and install this new code?

Certainly not my suggestion. You seemed to be replying to me. I was replying to @brian.3dge, who seemed to be having trouble, so I suggested he try the MyQ Lite port by Dominic Meglio, which is what most Hubitat users, including me, use with their Chamberlain / LiftMaster MyQ openers.

lol, i will not hold you responsible, i promise. I was trying to understand those who were using the previous MyQ Lite, the steps taken to start using the new one.

OK so removed and reinstalled everything. Got excited when adding the tiles to my dashboard (for weeks they have just reported CLOSING even though they were opened, etc). I pushed the buttons to open the doors, they said OPENING, and opened (i'm getting happy) but THEN after they opened, they showed CLOSED on the dashboard. I have the SmartThings contact sensors. I chose them per the instructions and did CREATE OPEN/CLOSE. I also installed the driver saying i have the tilt sensors AND i have in the devices page in each sensor listed as garage door sensors but still this. Any body having this problem or can tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Actually I think it's an issue with the sensors. I'll get back to you when i go look at them.

Its working, the ST sensors on the doors needed new batteries which reminds me how much trouble I have with battery reporting on the HE

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You can set up a batteries Dashboard, and also get notifications on low batteries. Plus, battery events are supposedly fixed with today’s 2.2.5 firmware update. I’m working my way through my pile of bug reports that I have submitted, and, so far, everything seems to have been addressed.

Yep, it looks like I need to replace a couple of batteries.

Yours is attractive. However, I like Hubigraphs and Notifications using ES for this.


You clearly have more free time than I do.

Ok, cool. I have this dashboard setup with everything that has a battery. Do I create Rules in rules machine for each (hope not) or setup notifications individually?

If you want pain, you could set up Rule Machine.
If you want simple and easy, do Notifications.

You can, after you choose Battery Level as the type of notifier, check off the batteries for which you want notifications, or flip the switch to get them all.

I’ve only created a single notifier to monitor checked batteries. If you want a different threshold for each battery or groups of batteries, you need a notifier for each threshold. If you are really OCD, I guess you could do one notifier for a warning threshold and another for a critical threshold.

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If it's helpful, I am running this MyQ Lite v3.1.3 app for the past two months and it's been flawless. Prior to this I was playing wack a mole with Homebridge MyQ plug-ins and the fact Chmaberlain kept changing their MyQ API every couple weeks which broke the plug-in. The MyQ Lite app for HE has been rock solid for months, knock on wood.

MyQ Lite (v3.1.3)

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I doubt it. It was easy and quick using Hubigraphs.

I'm getting this same error. I notice that when meeting up the app, it doesn't find the existing MyQ sensor. Has anybody found a solution?

This app requires that you add a directly Hubitat-compatible (think z-wave/zigbee) contact or tilt sensor on the door. Or use the "no-sensor" version. MyQ discourages frequent polling of their cloud, so the app doesn't make use of the built-in sensor.


I don't have SmartThings, can I still use this to integrte MyQ/Hubitat?

Yes. However, just as when this app is used with SmartThings, it works best with Hubitat when you have a z-wave or zigbee door or tilt sensor that is directly connected to Hubitat. The sensor that comes with MyQ will not substitute for a Hubitat-connected sensor.


I use these as my tilt sensors on my garage doors. You only need the larger half of the 2 and you have to go into your devices after you pair it with HE to say you're using it on a garage door. That's it.

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Anything made by Samsung is not allowed in my house... :wink: