My way to send texts or emails from Hubitat

Here is my way to send texts using Gmail instead of using Hubitat's notification ability. I also, didn't want to subscribe to texting services that I know are available. I know there are other methods people use. Just sharing.

I do not use Hubitat's app and therefore, I don't get notifications from there.

I was currently use Memu Play (free) to run Tinycam for displaying my cameras on Hubitat's dashboards and Jpage4500's excellent Hubitat dashboard app. Memu Play is a free Android emulator and runs on Windows 10.

Tinycam is great for streaming cameras and can use old Android cellphones as cameras. I display my 4 cams and 3 old android phones using Tinycam.

So I added NIMWeb Server Pro to Memu Play. The free version doesn't support HTTP POST, so you need the 'buy' version (cheap). I also added Automate to Memu Play. It is a flow type app for automation. It is free if you keep total flows to less than 30. Small cost for pay version.

My trigger rules send a HTTP POST to my NIMWeb PRO server. Automate sends a text or email via Gmail to my or any email address or phone. I find using Gmail accounts are less likely to be blocked as spam.

I populate a trigger variable such as BSMT-MOTION and Automate determines what message to send. I add the HTTP POSTs to any rule triggers I want texts from. Such as power out etc.


If you use Android it really isn't as convoluted as it sounds and it allows me to control the entire text process.

Works great for me.

Automation should be fun

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Do you see delays in SMS notifications via Gmail? I use Node-RED to send notifications and emails arrive promptly, but often I see significant delays (> 30 minutes) for the SMS.

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I've never seen a delay ..... FWIW, my carrier is Google Fi.

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Actually, the opposite for me. I have Verizon and send to Very quick response. With Gmail there were often delays in at least in the notification of the email's arrival. This maybe due to Android and I think a glitch with Gmail app on phone. Regardless what I do on a rooted Android phone, that app delays notifications sometimes due to aggressive battery optimization. Texts just fly. I believe because I am sending thru an authorized Gmail account, my texts do not get stalled by aggressive anti spam methods they use. I haven't used Node-Red, but sounds similar to a flow automation I am using that is Android based. Take care.

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Twice my new refrigerator died. 1st time 2 months after installation and then a year later. So I set up this method to send me the frig and freezer temperatures via text when either get too high. I also send door openings etc.

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My carrier is AT&T - maybe that is the cause? Also, do you guys send SMS or MMS? Mine is as an MMS because I prioritize texts from certain addresses and the address (vs a 5 or 6 digit number for SMS) comes through.

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MMS. I don't use any prioritization.

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