My thoughts about Zooz and The Smartest House

I wanted to take a minute to recognize Zooz and Their customer support has been fantastic. I will, without hesitation, use them in the future, when their product fits my application.

If you are looking for a quality product backed by fantastic customer service feel confident buying Zooz Zen26 and Zen27s from

I ordered some ZEN24s that I will be installing tomorrow. I appreciate how well I was treated even despite having to return some switches to them.




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I'd agree too. They've provided great support when I needed it. The fact that they are about 35 miles away also means I get pretty fast deliveries. Finally, the fact that @agnes.zooz is available on the community boards is a big plus.


I can't agree more. Their customer service is top notch!

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90% of my switches are ZOOZ and all because their willingness to help customers when needed.

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Thanks so much for the kind words everyone and for tagging me @RichCNJ! You guys just made my day!


I have a ton of Zooz and the support has been great.

@agnes.zooz, I recently made a plunge into the world of Zooz, having bought a half dozen of your products. The product quality is super and I'm impressed, but I'm having a heck of a problem with one of the devices, a Zen25. I reached out to your support team via email a week ago and received an automated acknowledgement, but have received zero response, despite multiple follow-ups. It's getting fairly frustrating. The request ID # that zooz assigned is 26364. Can you see what's going on? TIA.....

Sorry to hear that! We don't send out any automated responses from our system and don't have a matching ticket with that number so it's possible that your request went to a different place. Would you mind submitting the request again here or PM me so we can get this resolved for you? We reply to everyone on the same day or next day if the email comes in after 7PM ET, on weekends and Holidays as well so this sounds like a technical problem.

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Thanks Agnes! So weird cuz your website says to send an email to So that's what I did. And I did get an automate reply with a request ID. Maybe there are multiple Zooz's... :roll_eyes:

There is another company called Zooz (in Israel) but they service financial transactions so you couldn't mistake their website for ours. If you saw that email anywhere on our site it must be a typo so if you see it anywhere again, please send me a link to the site so we can correct it. I wasn't able to locate it anywhere. Thanks and sorry for any confusion here!


8 months later - the follow up:

It's like I knew I would be coming back to them. I wound up ripping 15 switches from another brand out of my house to replace with Zooz. Agnes (@agnes.zooz) helped me identify Zooz's recommendations for all my switches. I've had them installed for 2 days now with ZERO issues so far. It's z-wave, so I am sure I have a problem or two on the horizon, but I am a little shocked at how well everything is running, and how well everything set up right out of the box. I have been struggling with the other brand's switches that I removed for 8 or 9 months, and NEVER had working 100%. And I'm not new to this. This is the second house that I set up a fairly involved Z-wave network in. Granted I have some non-standard configurations (who in home automation doesn't), but the Zooz switches are robust enough to handle it, while the other brand just simply wasn't.

So Zooz guided me with their recommendations for my application***, and provided 16 new switches along with some reconfiguration recommendations. They even made some concessions to me when I told them about concerns I had, having been burned by buying 15 very expensive switches from the other company (that I am now stuck with). Basically, they promised to stick with me, and work with me to try to figure out any problems I might have. And in the end, if we couldn't make it work, they would take them back. But I wasn't going to burn through the return period with several days between communication trying to troubleshoot. Zooz is awesome. They have an awesome product, killer support, and excellent communication. I just can't get over how easily it all went and how quickly everything was not only up and working, but working right.

We prepared by planning which switches would be installed where. I sent Agnes a spreadsheet with switch locations, single/3-way, bulbs brands and types, power draw, etc. She discussed them with her team, identified that the garage lights and laundry room lights drew too much power, and made recommendations. I replaced my aging florescent wraparounds with LED wraparound lighting (super easy - and huge lighting improvement using less power), and ordered the Zooz switches. When it all came in, I had the whole thing done in one night after work. This went super smooth.

If you're thinking about investing in new Z-wave light switches I highly recommend Zooz. If you're reading this and six months or more has passed, reply and ask me if I am still happy with this purchase.

On to the next project - under-counter RGBW.


*** If you about to start a new Z-wave project using Zooz, it would behoove you to contact them for a recommendation first - even for one switch. For 13 of my switches, I was going to order the Zen27s but the better switch for my appliciation was the Zen22s. The best of us can benefit from the recommendations of those with experience.


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience Josh, and for all the kind words :blush: I'm so glad to hear the installation went smoothly for you and we look forward to working with you on future projects!


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