My Rule is giving me multiple notifications


I have been living with a number of issues with this rule, but in general it gets the job done. However, I am wondering if someone could give be some advice to polish it up a little please,

Frequently, I get the same notification twice. I assume that this happens when a 'Condition' changes and then the circumstances have satisfied two of the conditions at the same time. When initially writing the rule I had hoped that if a condition was met, then it would jump to the 'End-If', but now I must assume that this is not the case. So the question is, how do I change the rule to avoid getting multiple notifications?
To aid clarity. David & Eileen are Life360 IDs for Geofencing. The Xiaomi phone is mine. I have included it in Presence due to frequent issues with Life360.

Any help would be much appreciated.

The END-IF should work as you speculate, it will only execute one of the three conditions. The problem I would guess is triggers. Best way to tell what is happening is to turn on logging for the rule and the next time you get a double notification go look in the log and see what happened.

Thank you for the confirmation re. END-IF. I've set up to monitor App Events. Hopefully something will show up.