My lights dim SO fast!

Two colour plus Sengleds and a Pico with smartbridge pro. Used button rules for pico.
My dim down is about 5 seconds total (keeping in mind the first second is just registering the 'button hold' and my dim up is a little under 3 s total. I can't possible stop in time to get the light level I want!
Does anyone know how to raise and lower the lights at a much much much slower rate?

Not an answer to your question but I found it easier to create 4 preset levels, each push of the + button increases to the next light level above the current one, each push of the - button decreases to the next lower level.


IIRC there should be a Dim over time option that you can adjust.

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Not ideal but a small workaround might be to build a one second delay into your rule. Don't start the fade right away. It won't help the speed but it should help synchronize the hold with the light.

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By any chance do you use a voice assistant by Amazon, Apple or Google?

I use the Amazon Echo/Alexa devices. When I want to dim a light, I ask Alexa to do it for me. For example, I can say "Alexa, dim the bedroom lights to 15%" and all three lights in the bedroom will be set to 15% brightness. That is far simpler than trying to stop the dimmer when you reach your desired setting.

I set the up and down buttons for 10% increment up or down but you can use whatever you want. You can also set the fade times. I usually just set the middle button for 50% and I can adjust from there. If you use the Rule Machine setting the fade time is always an option when you select the Set Dimmers and Bulbs option.

Just use the Adjust level command and set the change in percentage. Then you can adjust it as many times and you want. I just replaced a Maestro Dimmer with a Zooz Z77 Dimmer and that is what I have my Pico do. I used 10% but you might want more or less depending on your lighting. I do the same for some bulbs in lamp for the bedroom. Those bulbs are not as sensitive so I used a higher percentage. That was many years ago. No need for preset levels. I do preset the middle button. Usually 50% is about right.

Yes, it appears when you are setting the level. It is the next parameter. If you leave it blank the device uses its own default rate but you can program the button to raise and lower instead of what they are doing.

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