My light won't stay on outside of time parameters

Hey gang,

My kitchen light RM 4 rule is acting a bit weird. The light won't stay on outside of the time parameters

My guess is, it's not respecting the cancel and keeps scheduling the job to run

It was working fine on version 117, now I'm on v 119

I just went in and selected to Update Rule and now all the future schedules are gone and the light is staying on.

Bug possibly?


Looks like that is what you designed it to do?

If lux changes, and not between 4am and 7am, the Else section runs which turns off the light after 2 minutes...

What exactly do you expect it to do that it is not?

You don't have the lux value anywhere in the condtions of your rule or the trigger. When using something like Lux, I would recommend a two triggers. Decide where you want the lights to come on/go off and put a trigger in for the lux crossing that threshold (one trigger for > and one for <). That way you aren't triggering the rule every time the lux changes.

Also, do you want the light to come on by lux or by time of day? Because 4am it won't be light out but at 7am, it definitely will be (at least this time of year). It's very confusing just by looking at the rule you posted to discern what you are actually trying to accomplish. Maybe a more in-depth description in plain English of what you are trying to achieve would be helpful.

@Ryan780, confusing... hah, it was clear as mud in my mind

I renamed the Lux to LR Motion which is what it is and it also contains Lux sensor which I use elsewhere. Also updated the rule so now it works as intended, at least so far based on min testing

Between 4 and 7, if motion, turn on the kitchen light, after 2 mins of no motion, turn it off

Thanks, Rick

Are you trying to turn the light in the kitchen off 2 mins after motion starts in the living room? What if someone walks into the living room but there is still someone else in the kitchen? You're just going to turn the light out on them?

In my case, the goal is to turn on the kitchen light when my wife walks by the living room to the kitchen early in the morning. When she is in the kitchen, her movement keeps the light on


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