My [Lack of] Disappointment with Hubitat Elevation C7 Hub

For anyone who might read this thread... I just migrated from Vera Plus to C-7. I have a 10's of older Leviton and Aeotec devices along with numerous new Inovelli and Homeseer devices. Add in a DSC alarm panel with Envisalink and the discovery that Google has finally reopened the Nest API and I am EXTREMELY happy with HE. If you can't find a built in driver, search the forum or Google it. I found everything that I needed and more. Happy, happy, happy that I left Vera!


You might want to consider revising your post title :slight_smile:

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He isn’t the OP.

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Yeah, Orlando deserves to be allowed to continue to be disappointed!


Yea I didn't look back :slight_smile:

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