My [Lack of] Disappointment with Hubitat Elevation C7 Hub

I have just bought the Hubitat Elevation C7 Hub Migrating from Vera just to realise the lack in drivers for the Hubitat having to patch work drivers in order to get things working on a basic level which was disappointing.
I have around 30 TKB Double Relay Wall Switch TZ57, 10 TKB Single Paddle Wall Switch, TZ56S which there are no drivers plus door sensors and motion sensors no drivers I am not gong to link everything because it would be a long list ? looking at Vera that is way more compatible in regards to z wave brands.
Trying to get my TKB Double Relay Wall Switch work properly is near impossible and i won't talk about the dimmable TBK Switch because its a non starter on the Hubitat.
I was so looking forward to setting up the new Hubitat Elevation C7 Hub with great expectations maybe to be a runner up to Homeseer but with the lack of drivers plus the Hubitat crashing a lot it will be sometime before that. I am the point to switch back on my vera and send back the Hubitat Elevation C7 Hub to the shop.
My home is running Homeseer Pro as main Z-Wave sever with Vera for my alarm and summer house Z-Wave server which I was going to use the Hubitat.

You might want to double check the compatibility list. I don't see either of those devices supported, for now. If you posted a request, I'm sure they will get it in. @bcopeland cranks out drivers for breakfast. :laughing:

Yes HE is much younger than Vera, and may not have the as large of a driver database, yet. However between the community, and staff, if your polite and patient with a request I think you'll find them very responsive. Catch more bees with honey and all.

In any case, welcome to the Hubitat community.


:eyes: This is a z-wave device?

From what my Google sources tell me yeah.

@orlando is this the correct device? (for starters)

Please don't take this the wrong way, but why didn't you check if your devices were supported before buying the hub?


Hi thanks for the reply yes its a Z-Wave device I did check if TBK was supported and its is now looking back at the post now see it only support one model ? [TKB] TZ67E

i mean come one every other Z-Wave controller supports a multitude of devices and if your trying to put the Hubitat up against Vera / Smartthings / Homeseer it needs to be compatible with devices.

Yes thats the right one


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@orlando I am a recovering Vera Plus user. And my experience has been the opposite. Don't get frustrated and throw in the towel so quickly. Or you will miss the magic this community offers.

No hub is compatible with every device. But the difference you will find here is that the community and the company want to get devices added. So if you have switches that are not mainstream and do not have built in or community drivers, it doesn't mean you are out of luck. It just means you are the first person to ask for them.

Can you please expand on this comment?

You should not be experiencing ‘crashes’.


Yes since theres no drivers for my switches i have tried the ones in the Hubitat to see if i can find a compatible one for the TBK switches i have the Hubitat has crashed not with each try but a lot when trying this.

Sorry about your first experience being frustrating.

The Hubitat community is pretty awesome though and if you make a driver request, there are sometimes many users jumping on and developing a suitable driver. The double relay would need some custom work beyond a stock Z-Wave driver but not rocket science.

Ask over on the Developer side and see what happens!

By my count, there are over 200 z-wave devices on the compatibility list that @TechMedX linked to above.

I haven’t counted the zigbee devices yet.


Thank you all for your reply's I just bought Z-Wave HomeSeer Network Interface.
I will extend my Homeseer server to do the job and not use Hubitat or Vera I am sure the Hubitat is a great peace of kit for someone setting up a new smart home and can buy compatible devices to work with it but to integrate or migrate the Hubitat into a working smart home with existing devices like mine IE TKB switches , Z-Wave Popp Solar Outdoor Sirens , Z-Wave Plus NEO Coolcam Sirens, Z-Wave Qubino Flush Dimmer Micro Module Plus, ZMNHVD1 , Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch, Z-Wave Fibaro Walli Roller Shutter , Z-Wave Fibaro Double Switch 2.
Just to name a few of my devices that are not compatible with the Hubitat I stand 100% with my comment before.
If your trying to put the Hubitat up against Vera / Smartthings / Homeseer it needs to be compatible with more devices.
The Hubitat C7 user interface is nice and smooth wile using, easy to setup nice interface and has a great community and I do hope Hubitat takes into consideration my comments because it has the potential of being one of the top Hubs.
I will be around for a little wile on the forum but as I will be send back my Hubitat I won't have much input.
But thanks to all that have replied to me on this post.

I would maybe amend that comment to say you feel HE isn't compatible with enough devices and therefore not ready to compete against those other hubs for YOUR use-case.

For many others (like me) and as evidenced by this community you are simply incorrect. Also a lot more goes into a hub than just devices - flexibility, ease of use, local processing, cost. All the hubs mentioned have their issues too.

In my mind those hubs are not yet ready to compete against HE :grin: (for my use-case)

Wish you well on your HA journeys!


Have you tried the Neo Coolcam Light Switch driver, it supports double

these work OK ive two

Hi Mark I will give that a try and let you know

THIS is akin to buying a motorcycle, then posting you hate it because it doesn't have 4 wheels.
Sorry but this post gives people the wrong idea, don't check compatibility and then because it doesn't support a particular collection of devices, label it disappointing? :astonished:


I find the Jasco Dual Outlet driver works with the TKBHome TZ74 Dual Relay. Might be that will work with your TZ57 too.

The world would be a boring place if we all did that :slight_smile: .

Besides how else would the platform grow. When I moved from my VeraPlus I found at least 2 devices that had no drivers. Today they are supported by built in drivers. After I received my C-4 I don't think there was even a moment I considered going back to Vera. Just my opinion.

To the OP. Except for the driver issue can you tell us how you feel about the quality of your switches? I see they have various other sensors (Zigbee). Always interested in something new.

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