My hubitat not working after update 153 model c7

my hubitat not working after update 153 on model c-7

By not working what do you mean? Is the LED green or ???, are the automation running but you can't access the UI, or???

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there's only a blue light

Okay, interface didn't load then. Might try a network reset (Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation) by pressing the small button on the bottom of the hub for about 7-10 seconds - should force a reboot and a request to DHCP for an IP to establish a connection. If that doesn't work you could try accessing the IP using port 8081 (http://hubIP:8081).


try that already

I think we will need @support_team / @bobbyD
This has come up a couple of times and I think they help people via PM, so not sure of the exact procedure that gets it going again. All the typically solutions us regular people know do not seem to work.

EDIT: in the diagnostic tool, make sure you date/time is set correctly. One person did find that helped.

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yes the time/date was ok

can you get to yourhubip:8081?

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We got a PM going, will see what's going on with the hub.


i try using what you told me not getting into the hub

@gopher.ny Seems the PM train derailed


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