My Hub does not look like the Tutorials

I am trying to customize a dashboard, and my dashboard screen does not look like the screen in the tutorial. Also, when I paste a URL into the custom background box, nothing happens

Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like?

Yeah, that's pretty nonspecific, screenshots and a little more specifics on what you're doing would allow the community to pitch in with more relevant info.

That being said, if you're trying to paste a background URL make sure it's a photo with a public link or something privately hosted (i.e. On a local NAS, pi, server, etc.). I ran into the same issue building my dashboards until I realized the links were all private. Google Photos works (right click on the image and grab the image http URL), and like I said a shared folder from a local NAS works (I have mine hosted on a Synology NAS using Photo Station).

OK I figured out the first the tutorial he starts from the Dashboard app to create a new dashboard, where I just opened the dashboard tab in Hubitat and hit the plus sign... the windows that come up, obviously, are going to be different.
The next problem is that when trying to use a photo from google photos for a background on one of the dashboards, I right click it, copy the link, I paste it into the url box and nothing happens

Often with stuff like this, you have to exit and re-enter the dash to refresh it. Did you do that, or were you expecting it to instantly render the new background?

Here's another idea... is there somewhere to get a url that we know works, just as a test...
A lot of things this Hub is supposed to do just don't seem to work and I would like to see something from the tutorials that actually DOES.

I don't use the backgrounds, so I am not much help there. I have never tried that option.

What other stuff doesn't work?


use that as a test background. Check out smartly tag me if you have trouble.

EDIT: Just so you know what CAN be done, and sooooo much more. (sneak peak :shushing_face: sorta)


I tried your URL and got a solid purple background. I copied the image URL from the tutorial, and got his background image to work, so it's just a matter of finding the right type of URL to paste, I guess.

Just went to smarty. cool. added it to my reading list for later. Thanks.

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Skip the reading and watch the vids! just don't tell @spelcheck I said that.

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tried it... won't copy devices, after copy device column shows blank

any suggestions on how to get personal photo into a dashboard?

Do you use git hub, you can save them their and then click the download button in git the copy that url full plan%2C jpg - colourblack-photocopy.jpg

Also watch out for spaces

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You need to host it somewhere available to your hub.

Don't know how to do that...not a developer

Tried Imgur and Google joy.

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