My house is possessed!

OK all I am getting some really weird stuff going on and I’m not sure how to track it down. My lights are randomly going on and a off at night and I have no idea why. I have debug logging running and I am seeing the lights randomly turn on. But I can’t see what is actually triggering them.

Last night my back porch lights went on and off multiple times for no reason. Some with my rec room lights. Check out these two videos.

Any ideas where to start with this? The other night my overhead bedroom light did the same thing waking us up at 4am. I am not seeing any repeating pattern to this. It is various lights around the house and at various times.

The logs just show a digital switch event.



I suppose the first thing to look at is the 'In Use By' for the 'possessed' devices.
Is there something in there that you forgot about. Maybe an old IFTTT rule.
Just a starting point.
Falling that call a priest. :wink:


Look like the hidden Poltergeist app. Maybe we need a Ghostbuster app to counter. Puts out electronic slime to subdue those ghosts.


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You might try and disable your rules temporarily and bring them back a few at a time.

For awhile my stereo was coming on at 3am. Never figured it out but just turned down the volume before bed. It stopped as mysteriously as it started. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Hubitat and the wife wanted to get a priest because I had no explaination. But they left....

Maybe you are experiencing power fluctuations.. brownouts etc or wiring is bad somewhere.

Haha you guys crack me up. Good feedback though. Let me answer a couple of the questions though.

  • I do not have any external integrations other than Alexa. No IFTTT or anything else, and no routines in Alexa to trigger this behavior. I use her for voice control only.
  • I do not have any rules in place with wait statements and as a matter of fact, very few scenes or rules in general right now as this is a fresh install into a new house I just moved into.
  • I checked the outside lights and they are only in use by Alexa, my dashboard and one rule that turns on the exterior lights at sunset and back off again at 11pm.
  • I checked the rec room lights and they only have alexa and Google home integration and one scene called "Movie Time" Attached to it that is manual triggered via voice command.

So next steps I am considering disconnecting both Alexa and Google Home to see if that keeps from the possessions down....thoughts? If that doesn't do it, I am definitely thinking about calling a priest. LOL

Sidenote: What is the best way to identify what specifically is causing the lights to come on? If it is a digital switch on, I don't see in the logs what is actually triggering it. Even with debug on.

Do you have hey google? Recently they've started running "hunches" and it's caused a lot of issues for people like you describe above,

Interesting. I do. I also have Alexa which now has hunches. Is there any easy way to shut those off as a test?

Do you have Alexa Guard enabled? It will randomly turn lights on and off.

Good question. I DID a few weeks back and it was total garbage. I turned it off when it started doing exactly that. The GPS in my phone would go to sleep at night so Alexa thought I was away, and would randomly turn on lights to make it look like I was home. Shut that garbage off really fast.

With apologies to Arthur C Clarke, any sufficiently buggy smarthome is indistinguishable from a haunted house.

I don't have any great suggestions unfortunately, though I suspect Alexa or Google. Glad to see you're testing turning those off.

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I have several Echos and have noted that previously deleted devices come back and if the same named lights no longer on the echo return as offline and cause trouble, I have been constantly deleting them for months but they still come back, I have now let them stay but disabled them and as of yet I have had no further problems

Had a FireStick that would cause the TV to power on when it was getting an update from Amazon - seemed to happen about twice a month at 2am.... Point being my first suspect would be your voice assistants...

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I had that happen to me yesterday. It turned out my wife was on other side of house and was using a dashboard to flash a bunch of lights around me to get my attention so I would help her with kids. :grin:

It got my attention but I didn't think it was my wife doing it so it was a fail. I thought it was a ghost.

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Sounds like you need a couple RGB bulbs that will turn red when she needs help! :smiley:

There is actually a button next to bed that can trigger Alexa to broadcast that my wife needs me. It was very useful when our 1 year old was a newborn.

And the bias lighting behind TV in living room turns red when dishwasher needs to be emptied.

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