My Favorite Devices (Updated)

I wish that Innovelli (@Eric_Inovelli) made a 700 series dimmer and switch with an integrated Motion Sensor, like the 500 series GE/Jasco 26931 / 26933 Smart Motion Switch / Dimmer.


have fun altering the door frame. i was able to find a small door 12V door strike so i just had to shave a little bit to fit it in. most of the other ones i see are the big rectangle ones

for added fun, i put a button on the outside that i can use to open the door if needed (and if allowed. i am able to disable the button)

Product Demo Video

Great demo, love how it shows:

  1. They have an app that controls some lights.
  2. You have to turn the doorknob to open the door.
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Curious, is the only reason considering changing is the 2gig is Series 700 chip? I also have a Honeywell T6 Pro and zero complaints, works perfectly.

Can others play?

Type Make/Model
Contact Sensors Ring Contact Sensor Gen2
Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor Yet to find a good Z-wave one, using several Philips Hue indoor/outdoor Zigbee motion sensors with great success
Deadbolts Schlage BE469ZP Smart Deadbolt (not my favorite by any means, they work but are very temperamental)
Thermostats Honeywell T6 Pro
Chime/Siren Don't need one, I have Apple HomePod Minis throughout the house and have them play chimes or siren sounds (Maker API to Homebridge)
Fan/Light Jasco/Enbrighten Smart Fan Control
In-Wall Dimmer Jasco/Enbrighten Smart Dimmer
In-Wall Switch Jasco/Enbrighten Smart Switch
In-Wall Outlet Jasco/Enbrighten Smart Outlet
Smart plug Jasco/Enbrighten Smart Plug
Bulbs No Z-wave, Sengled Zigbee smart bulbs
Smoke/CO Detector Ecolink Firefighter Smoke/Co2 Listener

Just got a GoControl (2Gig) GC-TBZ48 and it sucks for the other 7 billion people on the plant :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It can't do 0.5 so if you aren't an old fashioned F person you get a large swing in C temp. One goes from warm to cold on the delta.
I have emailed tech support to see it the firmware has been updated considering the display actualy shows 0.5 degree steps.
I'm thinking about going to a H T6 Pro when the manufacturer confirms it does 0.5 steps like my old Honeywell did.

Like maybe take their current LIGHT + FAN device, remove the fan part and replace with motion sensor...


Yes.. I haven’t tested it yet.. Still in a box, so I have no comments yet..

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@bcopeland is that Ring Listener 500 series or 700? Are there any smoke/co listeners that are 700 series?

Teach a man how to fish...

Go to the Z-wave Alliance site and search the product database. Here is the link to the Ring Listener.

Scroll down to "Z-Wave hardware platform: ZM5101". Look up that chip, and find it's Z-wave 500 Series.


I was poking around on that page but wasn't sure what I was looking at. Thanks!

Have you tried the Ring leak/flood sensors?

Yes... That is the one I couldn't consistently get included so I skipped that on for drivers.. I still have it, I have been meaning to try it again...

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My favorite Zwave motion sensors after 3 years of testing are made by BeSense.
Corner mount long targeted throw:
Ceiling 360 mount:

Same guts. Both run off 2 AA batteries. I installed my first 2+ years ago now i have 20, indoors and out. They work fine under a soffit. 3 jumper settings for sensitivity. I found #2 is bullet proof when it comes to pet false triggers. Reliable, includes easy and consistently. I have had zero failures of 20 devices in 2 years. I change batteries once a year NMW, all had >85% remaining. Just 2 plain AA Duracell's. Ceiling mount works great for a front porch / Amazon alert. They are consistently available. They blend well. I have tried so many i lost count until standardizing on these two. jj


One of my august locks is having problems and I am looking at potential replacements.
Can you share what other locks you are looking at?

I'll bite.
How fast do they react?
If they don't react fast, they are fine for home security purposes.
If they react fast, they can be used for motion sensor lighting.


Instantly - you will like them. I tried 10+ products before standardizing on these 2 years back. I have about 20 of them. Instant on, easy to include, never fail. Set the jumper to 2 pulses and it is rock solid as far as elimination of pet false triggers.

I was formally trained as an engineer, so please forgive these questions.
Within how many seconds of 'breaking the plane' does the sensor react?
Do you have any other sensors that you can test against these?
"Instantly" is a subjective word.
I have never seen a zwave motion sensor react instantly.
It's not that they don't have their place - for security purposes I'm sure they are great.
However for motion lighting purposes, I have yet to see a zwave sensor that would be fast enough. (I'm not saying this sensor isn't fast enough, I just have never tried it out.)
From the Amazon reviews of the product:

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Sub-second response times, 100% of the time. Mesh density always plays a role, but the Zwave radio in these is good. my farthest is through an outside wall 25 feet away from the hub. In milliseconds once you enter the trigger zone you see the trigger LED and your rule is fired.

Just read the review - man that is the exact opposite of my experience. I have a 100+ node all Zwave network and at it 3 yrs now - all i have to say is my experience is wildly different. You will dig it. j