My Experience with Smartthings to Hubitat

I just want to say Hubitat is awesome and I had a couple of questions and got helpful responses pretty quick.

I was running ST for years and all was good until they forced the New App on us then everything broke and they could care less and everyone I emailed or had a phone conversation with was the same... I'm sorry is all they can say.

So I had about 90 Devices with Custom handlers and device drivers. I had some pretty crazy setups going on. I got everything switch over 1 by 1. Had a few Driver issues, but got help or figured it out. I did have the older GE z-wave light switches and you can't factory reset those :frowning: Oh well I got them in HE after little fight not on HE but the switch themselves was the issue. It will take some learning Rules, but I got everything working I had in ST. Had to use some Generic Drivers, But it worked. One thing is install the Hubitat Package Manager right away! That really helped a lot. Had to install some drivers with copy and paste some code. The #1 thing was my Harmony Hubs I used daily and ST doesn't support it anymore. I have to say the instructions in the Forum were great! they dropped right in and synced with Alexa without any issues.

This community is Great! Thanks for all the support! And for those switching... Well I did this in 1 day with the help of the community. Don't be afraid these people have your back. Just dive right in and get it switched.

Soon as I post this message... I'll be powering off the ST hub. It's a new beginning.

Thank You Everyone!