My C8 doesnt work

So this is really big mistake I did - to buy new C8 recently and swapped my fully working C7.
It is getting stuck completely unresponsive, no network connectivity and no logs whatsoever...
This happened 5 times already in random moments.

No, no jumbo packets enabled anywhere
yes, it is powered with stock power adapter
yes, 10/100 speed set up statically on port
yes, database rebuild done (it just made things even worse)
yes, upgraded for latest version

I paid 100% of money for 100% working product - no 50, 60, not even 99% working - simply fully working - which this item is not.

So what is the process right now? I don't want to spend more time on fixing this, want to return it and get refund. I was supporting you guys for ages, buying items directly from you but this is just last drop.

(btw, you owe me for cleaning the pool which is now completely done - circulation pump was hooked to zigbee relay and I was out for couple days)

Calming down a little and perhaps an attitude adjustment will go a lot further to getting help than an all out rant.

Tagging @bobbyD who no doubt will be able to assist.


It might just be 100% hardware malfunction. It could happen to every gadget. I know is frustrating when it happens to you, but I can assure you, that we will replace the misbehaving hub in due time. If you'd rather return the hub for a refund, that's ok too. I am sending you a private message to get more details about your hub.


well, try to search for a threads which mentioned almost the same issue in past (one of it just couple days ago) which was full of nonsense advices (jumbo frames, static dhcp lease, database rebuild) and not a single word about HW issue and proper contact in case somebody reach that topic with the same problem - that will add more stress into the mix when half of family is yelling on you that your stupid box made a garage door, automatic gate, lights on porch, lights on terrace useless and pool green as hell.
I can easily understand anything can break in any moment - but this is known issue from C8 release since I was reading about it couple times (that jumbo frames and static dhcp lease nonsense)
in all respect, let's face it - there should be a note about possible HW problem in all those cases...

This exact symptom can have many different root causes. Network issues are the most common. In rare situations a hardware malfunction could be the problem. As rule of thumb, if Diagnostic Tool isn't available, then troubleshooting network issues would be first step, and if that doesn't resolve, the warranty case would be next to make sure you aren't dealing with a hardware issue. If Diagnostic Tool is available, then a Soft Reset is the first troubleshooting step.

Based on your first post it sounds like you have done the network troubleshooting before reaching out. I assume you've tried to access the Diagnostic Tool too, so that leads me to believe you are the unlucky winner of the rare case, and dealing with a hardware malfunction. I checked your hub's logs and nothing obvious shows to explain the problems you are having so, a replacement order was placed and a hub should be on its way to you, soon.