My C-8 LED has been blinking red/green since the firmware that gave us the EZ Dashboard

Since I updated my C-8 with the firmware that introduced the EZ Dashboard, my LED keeps blinking red/green. Newer firmware has not fixed this. I checked that my network connection, which is a wired connection, is correctly configured and checked that it does not have a wireless connection, as well. I resaved my network configuration and rebooted my C-8 and it continues to blink red/green.

Otherwise, my C-8 appears to work flawlessly.

Any ideas how I can stop this blinking?

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bottom of hub One of the holes has a button in it to depress with a paper clip.

Network Setup | Hubitat Documentation .

I just updated my C8 to yesterday and it went smoothly. After rebooting the light was flashing red/green.

I reset the network with a paper clip, and after rebooting, it came up solid green. However I could not connect to the hub at it's previous address, and I discovered it was operating on a DHCP assigned address.

I changed it back to static, rebooted it, and the light was flashing red/green.

It's not a big deal , the hub works perfectly with the flashing light. If I want to stop the flashing, and assign the hub a known address, I will have to use a DHCP reservation.

Just thought I would post in case it might help confirm a problem with the new release.

Well, initially my C-8 was set to a static IP 192.168.100.

After using the paper clip, my C-8 switched over to DHCP with the address

And it stopped blinking red/green!

BUT I would really like to use a static IP, so I set it back to a static address of…


I tried a static address at, but it still blinks.

It works fine, except for the constant blinking.

Can I use a static address without the blinking?

Try setting a DHCP reservation on your router instead of setting it on the Hubitat hub itself.

What is the DHCP range for your router? Does it include the .100 address?

Though it shouldn't happen, but if you are setting static ip's in the DHCP Range of the router, then it may be detecting a conflicting IP Address somewhere on your network.


100% agree

So, I can’t choose my static address IP?

Up until a few weeks ago I could select without the blinking, now I can’t. The IP address still works perfectly fine, except for the blinking. I would rather not let it select a random DHCP IP address or change my router’s DHCP to just one IP address, in case it screws up all my DHCP devices already set on my router.

For now, it is just a lot easier to turn the C-8 around, and not have to see the blinking.

Hopefully someone will fix whatever the firmware broke a few weeks ago.

you can use that IP if something else is not using it now.
Just set a DHCP reservation on your router instead of setting it on the Hubitat hub.
really not a big deal to set it up on the router. it will guaranty the hub will have the same IP forever.

Setting up DHCP reservations

  1. To Access your router's settings.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Make a DHCP reservation for your device.
  4. Reboot your router.

There are several primary advantages of using DHCP reservations. One is the “static” IP address assignment is centrally managed and doesn't require you to allocation manually . Most routers provide a handy reservation table you can consult when you need to.

Thats not the pt. Static should work and this needs to be fixed.

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I agree .. But it could be something is using that IP.
doing a DHCP reservation < can fix it.

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To stop that if it is in your range of dhcp u can add the address and still set it as static.

Verizon/FIOS is a strange case. They withhold HDCP in the .100 to .150 IP range because Verizon MIGHT use it for its television feature?

I need the firmware to deal with static IP’s which were not a problem, a short while ago.

The thing is you want to either set a static ip on the hub outside the DHCP range the router is set hand out, or set a DHCP reservation. Not both though. If one of the configs has a problem then conflicts could occur.

The key is you simply want to avoid possibility of having two devices with the same IP on the network.

1 Like can’t be set by DHCP because Verizon is reserving .100 to .150. It isn’t set for any other device but the Hubitat, which is working perfectly, except for the blinking.

If that ip address is reserved by verizon on the network, you shouldn't use it. They may have another device that is using it and conflicting.

Can you post your gateway ip and subnet mask.