Multisensor: question about motion trigger

Hello, to start I must admit that I am new to home automation. I have 6 Zooz switches (Zen26 / 27), google home mini, a nest mini and other smart devices such as Roomba and Nvidia Shield TV. I just got an Aeotec Multisensor 6 and am wondering how to properly configure rules so that they trigger correctly.

Let me explain, I tried to configure with "Rules machine" a rule which is triggered when my cell connects to my wifi and the sensor detects movement so that it then sends a TTS.

My problem is that the message is sent every time I pass the sensor!

RM triggers are always OR's, might work better if you move the second one down as a conditional.

Probably it's a dumb question, but I doesn't find how to achieve this! Can you point me how to do that?

Not dumb at all, takes a bit to get used to. After you enter the first trigger, click on Actions to run and select Conditional Action as the action type, then IF (conditions) THEN

and enter the second one.

How can I do if I want the rule to be executed once? I mean, not every time I trigger the motion sensor?

The way I have setup a rule that welcomes people when they arrive home is:

  1. Set arrival as the trigger
  2. In the actions, set a wait for motion trigger before the message is sent.

Here’s an example:

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