Multiple Z-Wave Sirens Sync

I'm setting up a new HE C5 and have 2 NEO Coolcam Sirens I am using at this time for Open Door Chimes. They function ok as Open Door chimes but are not in sync with each other so when #1 finishes #2 starts or lags a second after #1 starts. I only have about 40 devices so the system is not overloaded.
Are there any tips for making them chime at the exact same time?

My guess, based on my experience with everything z-wave, is that it isn't possible but perhaps someone will chime in proving me wrong!

Possibly... I doubt you could ever get them in perfect sync... But if you are calling their actions in a rule machine app, it probably has to wait for the first one to complete and respond back... But if you duplicated the rule and had both fire from the same event it might be closer

Hi, @steve6. I'm 99.9% sure this is not possible. The Z-Wave network protocol doesn't provide a means to direct nodes to synchronize their behaviors or guarantee that transmissions are received at the same time (assuming they are received). Separately, I would be willing to bet that your sirens (like all other Z-Wave sirens, would be my guess) don't expose any way of synchronizing behaviors that Hubitat or any other controller could make use of.

(That said, as @bcopeland mentions, you might happen to get the chimes closely synchronized, depending on your setup and a bit of chance.)

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I did duplicate the rules and put 1 chime on each rule and it did help but it's not perfect.


1 more question???
Is there a wired Door Chime (multi chimes with multi tones) option that works with HE?
I can use my original wireless sirens for alarm only.

Never heard of a wired solution such as this.. But if you could find one Iā€™m sure you could use a z-wave dry contact device to integrate it...