Multiple users of dashboard at once via a URL?

I’m using a C7 with latest version, (2021-04-03).

I set up an iPhone Dashboard with multiple sub-dashboards (rooms) where the devices live.

I then copied and sent my family a Legacy Local Lan Link to the iPhone dashboard.

Since we use Safari or Chrome I downloaded FireFox for everyone and made that link their home page.

It seemed to go well and we all wanted to start testing it. As such, the 3 of us were in that dashboard and the sub-dashboards at the same time.

I found that when this was happening I went into one of my rooms (sub-dashboard) and tried to turn some lights on. All I got was the hour glass. BTW, neither my wife nor daughter where in that particular room (dashboard) at that time.

Once my wife and daughter closed Firefox I could turn the lights on or off virtually instantly. (Just FYI the lights I was testing this with are controlled by an Inovelli Red dimmer with firmware 1.48 and Params 1, 3 and 4 set to 0 and 51 set to yes in Hubitat to get that virtual instant on/off effect).

So, my question is: can multiple people be using dashboards at the same time line this? If not, do you have a workaround?