Multiple users/mobile devices

TLDR - how do you maintain apps/access to the mobile app for different users in the house? I don’t see the ability to create different logins in the hub? Looked through this site, wiki, and documentation, and didn’t see it. It’s a Saturday morn pre coffee, maybe I overlooked. Any links are appreciated.

For a while, my family has watched my smart home odyssey with some amusement. I do all the administration. App is only with my login, on my iOS mobile device. Last night I realized one of my notifications (garage door open) isn’t passing through to our speakers since I haven’t performed the needed migration to the echo speaks app. I want to setup notifications to our mobile devices if the garage is left open.

There's a hub users management option in the tools section of the mobile app. I think you can also do it from

Since you are an iOS user, you could also look into exposing relevant devices to Apple Home via the HomeKit integration and make that available to family members

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Simple answer, thanks!

No hubs found to claim on the guest account/app. I did sign them earlier this morning. They are on the wifi network.