Multiple simultaneous rule execution error

My rule (see below) seems to execute perfectly, except the logs (see below) throw an error message: Multiple simultaneous rule execution. The rule trigger is garage door opens and stays open for 15 minutes. The rule has a repeat that repeats every 15 minutes. The log error message occurs every 15 minutes.

I'm watching my garage door the entire time and see that the door is not moving, so how is there multiple simultaneous rule execution?

You have a random END-IF that might be causing this problem, given both that it's structurally invalid and also where this error seems to happen.

It's possible that might not be all, as there are some oddities with at least delays inside conditionals with re-entrant rule execution. However, I don't see any of those things in your rule. Logs will continue to be helpful if the above isn't it.

There's also the end-rep at the bottom of the rule.

That's legitimate--there's an actual repeat in the actions. (But the indentation is off, likely because of the END-IF...a good hint that there is a problem.)

Yes, that's what threw me, thinking the add mins, etc was not meant to be part of the repeat, but they would need to be.

That was it! Thank you for catching that! Can't believe I missed it!

I wonder why that mistake would throw that particular error message in the logs, but the rule would still execute perfectly. In any case, all's well that ends well.

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