Multiple schedules on same Handler possible?

Im working on a new app that schedules On times for multiple switches. But only one schedule is getting stored. Can I not use same Handler? Here's a snippet of this part of code:

When I update it the logs shows each switch is getting a schedule correctly. This Example has only 2 mapped switches.

But after update/Done the App details only shows one of the schedules.

Is this an incorrect use of scheduled handlers? Do I need a separate Handler for each switch?

You need to add a 3rd arg in the schedule call, which is your options map, with [overwrite: false], as mentioned here: Common Methods | Hubitat Documentation. The default is overwrite: true, which cancels the existing schedule and creates a new one with the specified cron string

Awesome, that works, however its passing the same Device id to both schedules. Can you comment on this implementation with overwrite: false.

The data option, passed in the same 3rd arg map, specifies a map arg which is provided to the scheduled method when it is called. You can then use the key/value pairs from that map within your function. E.g.:

schedule(cronString, myMethod, [overwrite: false, data: [key1: value1, key2: value2]])

Think you'll want something like

schedule(makingCron,setRate, [data:sched,overwrite:false])

Where sched would be replaced with dev.