Multiple Presense Phones

I must be doing something wrong. I am brand new. I am a rule that Triggers when either me or my wife leaves. With conditions that presence for me is not present and presence for my wife not present. This goes through turns of stuff and arms alarm and mode away. But it triggers when either one of us leave I cam looking at two different rules now. It cant be this complex, what is the easiest trigger "when no one is home".

I have two presence sensors, an Iris V1 Key Fob that my wife uses and an Iris V2 Smart Fob that I use. I use the Mode Manager this way:

Set mode based on presence/
Away: All of my smart fob and my wife's key fob leave.
Home: Any of my smart fob or my wife's key fob arrives.

I just changed it to set home during the day and night but haven't tested that yet. The key is the All and Any. For the alarm to arm, both of us must be away. However, if only one of us arrives at home, the Hubitat Safety Monitor is disarmed.

I hope this is helpful for you to get this figured out.

How do I change from any to all in RM4.0. I remade the rule in RM3.0 and found 'all' immediately.

The trigger will be either phone changing. You pick the "ALL" under the conditional action in the actions section of the rule.


That's where you can pick the All. The rule would look something like this: