Multiple Philips hue bridges

I have 2 philips cap bridges on my network. I can find both of them in the app, but I can only add light from one bridge. How do I add light from bridge number 2? I can not connect bridge number 2 where I really press the round button on the cap bridge. I can see the bridge in the app.

I’m not sure you can do this with the built in app. I know you can with the CoCoHue app though. I think you just install the app a second time. Sorry, I’ve been dragging my feet on installing my second Hue bridge, but @bertabcd1234 would be able to tell you for sure.

if i remember correctly, you can add a second instance of the hue integration and add the 2nd hue bridge to it.

  • add built-in app
  • select hue integration to add the 2nd instance if you have one added
  • open that second instance and select the other hue bridge to link

i may be wrong but i thought i did it that way when i had a second hue bridge

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Yes you just add a second instance of the app and configure that second app with the credentials of the second Bridge.

how do I do that?

Oh you install it simply just 2 times? Is it that easy? :grin:



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