Multiple notices for single event (BE468GBAK)

When searching for info on the forum, I find a bunch of threads about pairing and function issues for the Schlage Connect ZIGBEE lock. However, mine paired and works fine out of the box...

The one thing that is perplexing is that every time the lock changes state I get 2 or 3 notifications instead of one. Checking the log, it is actually recording 2 instances of the lock event and a third when locked digitally by the hub.

Has anyone with this lock experienced this? My Z-wave Connect locks don't multi-log events, just this one Zigbee (recently purchased and added).

In the meantime, I can put a time limiter in the notification rule, but I a would prefer only a single response be sent over the mesh.

Really? Most of the issues I've seen are with the Schlage z-wave locks.

This could be an indication of a zigbee mesh that is insufficiently robust.

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It may be that the mesh as a whole is not sufficiently robust. I have been trying to add Zigbee in-wall switches, but they only had the toggle style available and the wife prefers paddle.

I did however install two Zigbee toggle switches in the garage. One right next to the lock in question and only 10-12 feet from the hub. The other is about 8 feet farther down the line anticipating another lock to be installed on the next door.

Otherwise I could throw in some additional plug-in outlets until the paddle switches are again in-stock.

As I understand it, the zigbee mesh is self healing, so there doesn't need to be a manual "repair" executed. Also that the zigbee switches once paired with the hub will automatically repeat without further configuration... Correct?

More or less. It is possible to force a heal by turning off the zigbee coordinator for a short length of time (20-30 minutes).


Now that you mention mesh robustness, here's a question that may (but probably doesn't) have something to do with it.

Before I purchased the locks or the switches, I had been experimenting with a plug-in outlet (3210-L) in the outlet that is halfway between where the two switches were later installed. It paired up and functioned nicely for both the Zigbee control and the Z-Wave repeater. Since the throughput amperage was not sufficient for my air compressor, I didn't use it and installed an in-wall Z-Wave outlet instead.

However, I haven't excluded it (too many kids came home and were tripping devices all over the house) but I did unplug it. It has not been plugged in since.

Any chance that left a "hole" in the mesh? All of the Zigbee switches and lock were installed and paired with the outlet unplugged, so they would only know about it if the hub or other devices told them about it.

I expect that it would have nothing to do with it, but not sure.

The majority of the threads about troublesome Schlage Connect locks are indeed about the Z-Wave versions. There are a few specific to the Zigbee versions but those are mostly about the pairing / function / drivers.

I had an old non-plus lock when Iris ended. Switching over to Hubitat was draining the batteries in about a week. So I've probably read every one of those Z-Wave Connect threads.

(Many thanks to those that came before me and figured out how to get it working well again.)

This was the primary reason I was hesitant to buy a second Z-Wave lock for another door and was seeking the Zigbee version for so long. Nobody, anywhere, had them or could get them. I even contacted Schlage directly to see if they had been discontinued since they didn't get ported into the new BE469 series (Zigbee is only available in the older BE468 series). Schlage told me they are still in production and any of their retailer network should be able to order them. None of the on-line outlets even showed them in their catalog. I spoke with hardware stores and several locksmiths... All but one locksmith said there wasn't one in their catalog. The last guy said he could special order it from the factory for $400 and about 10 weeks. So I broke down and bought a new BE469 Z-wave, gritted my teeth and gave it a shot. I has worked flawlessly from day one. Whew...

A couple of weeks later (this always happens to me), Schlage Connect Zigbee locks were magically available on Amazon. I had previously scoured over Amazon to find them so I know they weren't available before.

Anyway, the short story is I did get a couple of Zigbee Connects. The first one paired and worked out of the box (however the built in BE468/BE469 driver is for Z-Wave versions only), so I used the generic Zigbee Lock driver. The only issue so far has been the triple reporting, which is more of just an annoyance (and possibly an indicator of something is wrong with it or the mesh, etc.). The second lock is waiting on a replacement door, so we'll see how that goes... Hopefully soon.

OK, the new door is up and the second lock is on-line. I have been fiddling with it for a couple of weeks and it appears that both locks using the built in generic zigbee lock driver are exhibiting the same behavior. I also noticed that when I lock or unlock with the physical lock there is only one report. However, when I send a lock command from the hub it reports three times. The first two are a slightly different log entry than the third. Also noticed that if the lock is already locked and I click the lock button in the device page I get the first two notifications, but not the third.

It appears that the built in driver is logging the commands that are sent to the lock and then the lock responds after it finishes the physical state change which logs the third notification.

The two other locks which are z-wave and are using the built in schlage z-wave driver only log the lock's response and don't log or notify anything when a lock command is issued to a lock that is already locked.

Could this be an issue with the built in generic zigbee lock driver?

Could you post a screenshot of what you mean?

Also, are three separate events generated (post a screen shot of physical/digital lock events from the device page)?

Here is the log:

And the device events: (That extra event wasn't on the log screen shot so I wiped it off to avoid confusion - check time stamps).

Sorry for taking so long... I'll have to look into why I'm not receiving forum notices for this thread.

The zwave version of the lock is capable of sending certain unsolicited zwave messages using both the alarm and notification command classes. If the driver is parsing both, and doing a sendEvent on both messages, you'll have two Hubitat events for the same lock activity. Not all lock activity emits both alarm and notification messages though. The Alarm command class is present on the non-alarmed version of the lock.

[edited per subsequent feedback from @aaiyar] <<< Thanks!

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Ah, so with this being an internal driver, is there a way to clean it up?

Copy driver, modify and import as a user defined driver?

I was working on getting some better screen shots of new lock event cycle. These logs at least match the events list. I'm not sure why the previous event list was missing one of the log entries. But on the next round the log and the events match. However, there is a different number of line entries vs the previous capture.

Also, I apologize for multiple posting, but working this forum from my phone is sketchy at best and I can't seem to be able to log in from a computer. (might be related to why I'm not getting forum notifications).

The logs above were generated by sending a lock command, then an unlock command. It appears that the command is logged then something slightly different (tagged as "digital") is logged.

Then when unlocking this time, 3 commands were sent instantly (within 4 milliseconds) followed by the "digital" tag 88 ms later.

That seems a bit too fast to be a send / response conversation between the hub and the lock...

FWIW, the BE468GBAK is a zigbee lock that lacks an integrated alarm.

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Can you describe your zigbee mesh? How many devices? Of which, how many routers, and how many end devices? What does http://your_hubitat-ip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo show?

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The neighborhood table lists all of the repeaters:

All of the repeaters are 3210-L smart plugs, except for the three that have "switch" in their name. Those are GE Zigbee Engbrighten in-wall switches.

Beyond that, I have 5 or 6 motion sensors (3326-L) and a couple of contact switches (3320-L) and a couple of buttons (BTN900).

This diagram shows the general placement of the hub (star), zigbee door locks (diamonds) and the repeaters (ovals). The black are all on the main floor, the red is on the floor above, and the purple is on the floor below. (The green dots are non-repeating sensor/buttons on the main floor.)


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From your setup, it seems extremely unlikely that the repeated messages are related to the mesh - so that theory can be discarded.

I'd suggest reporting this to

I suspect that the extra notices are being injected by the driver. So far they only occur when the hub issues the command. If the locking action is initiated by the device I only get one notice.

Support brushed it off so it likely won't go anywhere with them. Are the internal generic drivers published? Or retrievable? I was wondering about trying to polish it up and then run it as a custom driver. Not so much to add capabilities but hopefully to find where the extra notices are coming from and turn them off.

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