Multiple hue hubs are not supported

I am trying Hubitat since a few days. I have been using home assistant before.

My problem is that when I had my first hue hub, it works fine. But when I try to add the second (I have three) everything linked with hue stop to work.

It seems integration with more than one hue hub is not supported or not ready. Anyone has a better experience ?

By the way, the bug appears when I have to link the second hub. It stays with the message : "The current Hue username is invalid. Please press the button on your Hue Bridge to relink.". I click on the button of the concerned hub (checking the end of the Mac address) but nothing happens.

Please be sure to install a second instance of the Hue Bridge Integration App on your Hubitat hub. Only one Hue bridge per Hubitat App installation is allowed, IIRC.


Thanks I ll try this

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This has worked nicely. My fault of not having seen that I had to add one App per Bridge. Good work guys :slight_smile:

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