Multiple Hubs with webCoRE

Looking for suggestions for using multiple connected hubs so that devices across both can be used together within apps. Initial looks indicate Hub Mesh or HubConnect via HPM to be a possible solution (both devices are on same LAN). If possible, I would also like devices from both hubs to be usable together within a webCoRE pistons.

Any suggestions I can dive into would be appreciated.

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I have 4 hubs running and webcore is only installed on one. Hub mesh allows me to share all instruments with the hub running webcore. So you only need one instance running. You could do it with hub connect as well. Hub mesh is built in so nothing else to install but either would work.


@terminal3 this seems to be working for me as desired. I'm basically just going to use the second hub as the connecting point for devices in that area, and run all my apps on my main hub. Thanks for the confirmation, appreciated.