Multiple Hub Integration

Hello All,
I have been looking for a Zigbee solution that will integrate with my existing home automation (HomeSeer) system that is running Z-Wave only. I have a fairly large property and need 3 Z-wave interfaces for my system to be reliable. I also want to integrate Zigbee but the system I have, you can only add Zigbee dongles locally at the hosting machine.

I was thinking of this solution since I have ethernet widely available and there is a plugin for Hubitat that would pull devices into HomeSeer.

Has anyone done or heard of anyone doing something like this before?


@SmartHomePrimer does a lot of integration with Homeseer and Hubitat. He can probably answer more questions.

I use Home Assistant and Hubitat, not Homeseer. I have zero experience with the Homeseer platform. You must have mistaken me for someone else.


Oh apologies. I somehow got that conflated with you doing insteon...

You could use something like Node-RED.. it can handle both HS and HE devices.

Sounds like you could do what you’re looking to, at least in theory (I can’t say definitely as I have no personal experience).

Devices paired directly to multiple Hubitat hubs can be “shared” via Ethernet using the Hub Mesh feature.

Then you should be able to pull all the devices from one of your Hubitat hubs into Homeseer with the plugin you mentioned.