Multiple geofences / geofence sizes

I have some scenarios which would benefit from being able to differentiate "not at home" from "away from town" from "out of state." I understand that presence is binary; the simplest implementation would probably be to have each fence / radius be its own presence sensor.

I know some would like multiple actual locations; for my purposes, though, all I'd really need is multiple radii around the same point.

Any chance of adding this, or suggested ways of implementing in the meantime? My hack so far has been that the longer I've been gone, the further away I likely am, that's obviously untrue as I'm traveling home.

Use Life360.


You can use other apps available in the google play or ios app store. Locative and Geofency are two examples.

These apps allow you to create multiple geofences of varying radii, and send an http call when you move in or out of each fence.

Hubitat's Maker API app can leverage these web calls to toggle a virtual presence sensor device's status betwen arrived and departed.

You can then create various automations that are triggered based on which virtual sensor has arrived/departed.