Multiple Echo accounts on same hub?

Is it possible to have multiple Echo accounts on the same hub? I'm trying to restrict the voice control for the kids room who can be pranksters from time to time and turn lights on and off throughout the house from their own Amazon dot in their bedrooms. My thought was to create a separate account, but I'm not sure if hubitat supports being linked to more than one Amazon Echo account. Thoughts?

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I have separate accounts for my kids echos. You use a single Alexa app on HE, and setup the Skill from within each account on the Alexa app on their device or at (logging in on their account). During device discovery in the Alexa App, only setup the devices on your kids account you want them to control. Works great.

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@doug thank you! It required a little trial and error, but this was exactly the outcome I was looking for. Now I can give simple names in each room and not worry about having them conflict. "Light", "Fan", and "Lamp" all work in each room and no longer confuses Alexa (or my wife!)

lol, thanks again!

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I heard this does not work. Is it still working for you?

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It works for me. Got two adult accounts working at home using exactly this method.

Still working good? About to set it up.

Do you use the same Hubitat credentials in the Alexa skill on everyone's Alexa app?

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