Multiple Delayed Events

The task is to create a rule that will notify someone if there is no movement for 24 hours only if HSM has also been disabled for 24 hours.

Basically a reminder no one is home and someone either forgot to set HSM or disabled HSM accidently.

My plan was to create a virtual switch that would get turned on when HSM has been disabled for 24 hours and another virtual switch that would get turned on when there is no movement for 24 hours. Then if both switches are on send a notification letting me know.

One major problem I have found is that I can’t get the “canceled delayed events” option to actually cancel the delayed event.

I have tried many options and would like to get on the right path. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Do you have a sample of the rules you are using? A couple of things...

Make sure you set your delays to be cancelable. I have forgotten to do that too many times and wondered why my automations weren't working correctly.

Are you using more than one rule? The "cancel delayed events" function will only work on the rule it resides in. You have to use some different logic if you are trying to cancel events in a rule from a different rule.

Make sure the cancel is actually getting called when you think it is. It is possible the rule's logic isn't working the way you think it is.

In any case if you screenshot the rules and post them here it will help with the debugging.

@Farmer9009 You should be able to do this with a required expression.

Required expression = whatever HSM mode
delay 24 hrs
end if


After some reading I discovered that I may not be able to do what I want with the “canceled delayed events” option so I went with the “wait for event option.”

The below is meeting my needs.

I want the “virtual no motion for 24 hours” switch to only be on if there is no motion for set amount of time (40 seconds for testing purposes).

Now to work in the rest of it and I will try to post what I come up with.

If anyone has any suggestions or improvements to the below please let me know.

Thank you for your help.

Have you considered using Basic Rules with wait for this?

WOW!! @tony.fleisher
The Basic Rules suggestion is a good one that I was not aware of.
I have 3 hubs and never looked into the basic rule app.
Sure does streamline the whole process. I need to get on here more often.


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