Multi-Zone Hydronic Baseboard Control

I currtently have seperate heating and ac controls. Three seperate thermostats. Looking to convert them all to one smart thermostat. I cannot find a thermostat that would support multiple heat outputs. So ive came up with a solution with a sensor and z wave relay to replicate a thermostat for the second zone.
I want both zones to be the same temperature but they do not hold temps the same. So i need seperate control for the recalculating pumps.
I was just wondering if anyone knew an easier solution or a hydronic z wave controller for multi zones ive been looking. Ht havent been able to find. Thanks.

Why can't you just get 3 separate connected thermostats? Keep the pump controller you have now, you aren't going to find anything that will replicate that functionality. With ecobees, you can link them all so when you change the temp on one, it will change it on all or some of them.

Also, is it all baseboard? Or do you have any in floor? With in floor, you need a thermostat made for in floor heat to eliminate the huge fluctuations in room temperature that you would have using a regular thermostat on in floor heat.

I didnt realize that you could connect seperate thermostats to talk to mimic the changes. But that does make sense. Havent worked much with them. Yes its all baseboard. That is a simple solution to keep the wife happy lol.

Ecobees are probably the best solution here. I have the old beige ones, but they work great. In the web interface, there is an option to link specific settings together, so when they change on one they change on all. I have mine to only sync the mode (heating, cooling, etc). But, temperature is one of the options as well.