Multi-Sensor Aeotec 6 motion issue

Newbee to hubitat. Temperature , Humidity, Battery, Illuminescence are all looking fine. Tried several drivers but the motion is extremely rarely working.

What is th right driver for this device?
When I change the driver from one to another, does save device and save preference automatically save the driver. It seams that changing the driver does nothing.

Please help. thanks


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This is the driver that I use.

In a second thought, if you are using that driver, could you post your use case? Would help to determine what might be happening. This sensor is slow to reset back to inactive. Sometimes 3-4 minutes. I have mine usb powered and it does report frequently. They're chatty little guys.

I use a different driver:


because it offers more options for what/when it reports.

When you change drivers make sure you hit "Configure" on the device page after saving with the new driver.

I also use the driver @april.brandt has illustrated. I find this sensor to be a little slow responding to motion events.

Where is this driver you speak of?

Is that a "special" driver for that device? Inquiring minds want to know.

AeotecMultiSensor6 <-- link to driver code

I have at least 12 of these motion sensors, as well as a couple Dome and 8 Iris v2 or v3.

I 'curated' this driver after scouring the offerings back when I first bought a Hubitat Hub. There were so many and most worked worse than the built in generic zwave motion driver, which was all that was available in those dark days. I found this one and 'put a cute hat and nice shoes' on it. :partying_face:

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I might have to give that a try. Thank you.

@csteele has the best driver for the this multisensor in my opinion and it's the only one I use. I will say even though I have my multisensors on USB power and reporting frequently, I do not rely on them for fast motion detection. I will put an Iris v2 motion sensor where I need fast motion detection and use the aeotec multisensor as a secondary motion sensor to keep something activated until motion stops.

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@inetjnky is right. The ZWave devices apparently have a longer internal power up delay.. perhaps as much as a quarter second. That's one step into a room more or less. For switches, it's detectable.. my experience is that with dimmers, and dimmable (dumb) LED bulbs, the ramp time tends to disguise the delay.. hard to tell exactly when it goes on, vs the relay click on switches.

I have not 'tuned' my motion automations by putting Zigbee where I care the most :slight_smile: I had plans to never use Zigbee but Hampton Bay Fan Controller swayed me. :smiley:

The only place it matters the most for me is the bathrooms, stairways, and the laundry room (for when you’re carrying heavy loads).

Now moved to the CSteele Driver. Still no response from the Motion detector. Am I using the wring tile? (I am using ''Motion''). Also, No led light whatsoever on the multisensor 6 when I shuffle a hand in front of the dome. Do I have a bad sensor?. Could it be tested? thanks. YH

The driver allows you to set the timeout.. the time that it sends a 'motion inactive' and is ready to watch for motion again. Mine are all set to: 1 minute. If your's are set to 4 min, then you won't get a motion event for 4 min after the first.

The sensor has a minimum distance as well. I'm vaguely remembering 2 feet. Hand waving closer might be ignored. When I was testing the driver, I'd have a Motion Sensor sitting on my desk facing away from me.. then rotate it rapidly to face me. I don't remember it failing me with that method.

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Pry not.

Solved. It was finally the timeout set too long that was hiding the operation of the motion sensor. Thanks everyone. YH

@csteele what do you have your sensors set to as far as the following settings?

  • Sensor Delay Time
  • Sensor Sensitivity
  • Sensor Report Interval

they are in the screencap I pasted 10 or so posts ago...

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