Multi-Hub Migration From 1 C5 and 2 C7 to 3 C8s

Before I jump into this and break my whole house - I though I'd ask the Hubitat family.

I currently have a C5 that performs all my automations and has all my Zigbee devices on it.

I have two C7 that manage my nearly 130 zWave devices.

I have hub mesh and all my zWave devices are shared to the C5 (where all the automation is done).

I understand the backup to cloud and restore to new C8s process.

So first question - is there a particular order I should migrate? Should I do the two C7s first then the C5? Or should I take the backups and do all 3 at same time? Or maybe I should do the C5 first?

Is there a step in the docs to turn off the radios after the backup of the originals - that way they can be powered back up and factory reset without interfering with the devices? Should there be?

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Highly recommended if not.

The radios have to be enabled in order to be reset. So, you certainly can disable them before shutting down the original hub, but it's not going to avoid the entire issue like you might think — and so these are not in the "main" steps in the docs. (It should follow from the Z-Wave/Zigbee notes, however.)

So a better path would be take the cloud backup, factory reset the hub, then power it down - right?

I'm surprised the radio question stole the thread - anyone have thoughts on migrating the whole mesh?

If you really trust the backup, maybe. But this leaves you without a path to go back to if everything goes wrong (even if a cloud restoration back to the old hub should work). That is why I did not recommend this, even if it should work in theory.

You mentioned the docs, and that's my job, so I figured I'd answer. :slight_smile: But going back to this question...

With Zigbee in particular, it is important to shut down the hub (or at least disable the radio) as soon as possible after making the backup; otherwise, you run the chance of needing to re-pair devices that have had "enough" (I don't know the actual limit...) activity on your network in the meantime. So, I would definitely do one of your hubs at a time. However, what order you do them in shouldn't matter.

Z-Wave isn't this picky, but I still would do things as quickly as possible to avoid freaking out your mesh.


That make sense! So now the question is, how do we safely bring the old hubs back on when we are ready to factory reset them so they don't take anything over? And is there a difference on this between Zigbee and Z-Wave? (I think Z-Wave won't care - but Zigbee could be an issue).

I agree that Z-Wave is unlikely to care (S2 and maybe S0 might matter more? I don't know), though I'd still reset it as soon as you can--maybe second to Zigbee. I'd make Zigbee the first thing you reset when the hub comes up just to avoid problems. But by the time your devices have seen the new hub, the old hub is unlikely to matter to them, either--Zigbee packet headers include a frame count, and the old hub will likely be far enough behind by that point (devices will discard packets with a lower count as a security measure), which is the same reason that powering down the new hub as soon as possible after the backup is recommended.

So probably not a big deal either way, just something I'd still minimize risk on by doing it quickly regardless.

Seriously, you maintain the docs? If true, you should look at Hub Protect | Hubitat Documentation. It needs some C8 love.

That is next on my list. :smiley:

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Migration migrates the whole mesh.

Ok, today is the day and I need HELP!!!!

First issue, HP on my C5 expired on 2/28 - so that was my last cloud backup - not a huge deal, but I did a bunch of "clean up" that I didn't want migrated and I had not yet disabled my cloud integrations - so not sure if that is usable.

Second issue, still on my C5 - backup and restore has error on screen "cannot fetch backups for null" - not sure what that is. When I click Create and Upload on the create a cloud backup for c-8 migration - it goes circly circle for just a few seconds then stops. When I reload backups now it shows a "migration" backup there with no size and no actions... there is no new cloud backup for the C5 - only the one back on 28th.

How do I proceed? Please help ASAP as I now have a dumb house.

@bertabcd1234 @bobbyD @bravenel anyone?

Checking on your account. Will send you a PM, shortly.

thanks @bobbyD

That's just the first problem - also seems there's a problem controlling hub mesh devices (at least controlling them on the C5) - maybe that's normal.

I thought you said you are migrating C5 & C7 to the C8. Please follow the instructions in this document if you didn't already. You should be able to take a new cloud backup from your C5, then restore that to the C8. Devices on the C7 will need to be manually reset and included/paired and rules recreated. You can only migrate one hub to the C8. (also see my PM).

For the public, let me be more clear... i'm migrating one c5 to a c8 and i'm migrating two c7s to two more c8s. the c7 to c8 seemed to work well (those are my zwave) but stuck on getting the cloud backup from c5 to take.

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And it WORKS! Had an issue with cloud backup from C5 whose HP had expired 3 days ago - but @bobbyD was able to fix that.

Initially I migrated the 2 C7s (zwave) and tested the hub mesh from my C5 (where my automations run) and I could see the devices and statuses, but didn't want to let me control them. I didn't dig into that as I was hoping after C5 was migrated it might work as expected - it did!

Cloud automations were seamless except Google I had to do from my phone and pick the "new" hub - then it worked as well.

EDIT: Okay, IFTTT required reconnecting multiple services and updating every applet - but appears working now.


Gl;ad you got it working!!!


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