Multi hub discount code for hub protect on new c8

is there a code available.. i know i can turn it off on the old c7 and get it temporarly on the c8..
but may reuse the c7 in our summer home and don;t mind paying as you guys did such a good job with the transitioning to a new hub.. But a slight discount would be nice.. I belive I had one in the past on my many hubs..


Same discount as in the past, use multi-hubs code at check out to get $10 off.

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thanks signed up.

What is the multi-hubs discount code? Can't find it any where :frowning:



Same question. I have two C7's and want to buy the C8. How do I find the multi-huib discount?

Ah nevermind. You're talking about cloud subscription, not multiple hubs or mesh network.