Multi-factor Authentication

Hi Hubitat. Is there any way you could add multi-factor authentication when you log into the web portal of the Hubitat on the LAN? I would like to include an automated way to open or close my garage door. However, if I add this to my Hubitat system, someone could conceivably hack into our hub and possibly open the garage. The same goes for smart locks. Wouldn't it be possible for the Hubitat to send a text with a code to be used to log in? Perhaps you could use an authenticator app like Google Authenticator. For that matter, the same should go for logging onto this website. It seems to me given all of the nefarious actors out there, you really need to consider this to make sure everything is secure in the homes with your hubs. I think you have a superior product, but one major security compromise could jeopardize your business. For work, we use MFA for everything and companies that do not do so are considered particularly vulnerable.


I would also like to see this, so long as it was an option, not a requirement.

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I moved this thread to the feature request category.

I agree it would be a nice option to have.

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Thank you for moving this to the feature request category. I am new to the forum and was not sure where to leave the question.

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