Müller-Licht tint Remote control

hello guys.
I have a zigbee remote controller from Muller-Licht (bought on Aldi) just like this one .

when i pair it with hubitat it matches automatic with the aurora zigbee button controller driver.
it works but only 3 of the buttons.

is there any way to put the other buttons to work?

can anyone have a look at it?

where can i get the aurora zigbee button controller driver code to try to make it work with some tweak?

ps. not a programmer, just a curious guy :sweat_smile:

I just bought one from Amazon. Imo is not zigbee standard. Hubitat detects it and I use a generic driver only to display messages received from device. Regardless which button I press on remote nothing is received by hubitat. I will send it back

for the 3 buttons to work you have to press du last button of de controller till the 3 green lights are on. then it will work but only 3 buttons.

still waiting on a solution for every button to work.