Much confusion!

Ok, I did not ever see that! Very nice! And very complete too! Though why are there so many people explaining this in words on this forum instead of linking to those pages? Because I've read, in three weeks, already about 4 people explaining to other people how a zigbee mesh works and how you set it up reliably in there own words. Which leeds to more questions all answered in the link @ogiewon just gave.

Probably because the community is fantastic and wanted to answer your and everyone else's questions. Also, I assume that people have gone through the documentation first before asking questions. There is a link to it at the very top of the main community page right between the logo and support link.


I agree that the community is great and very helpful!
I must say I didn't see the links because there might be something wrong with my eye's. :see_no_evil: Sorry about that I will look for professional help for that :crazy_face:

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Hi again! and thanks to everyone for the great responses!
it appears to me, I am not the only one though!
Samsung has a huge marketing budget it is easy for them to convince people it is easy, and that's great!
I fell into Hubitat from a linked youtube video (yes it happened with LinuxMCE too) I was so impressed I rushed off and bought it (without due dilligence) if I had come to the forum first, I would not have bought it!
those simple links prominently posted would have made a night or day difference!
honestly! I am not having a go. it is just with HA first impression is "everything" imagine sending your partner here to decide if you bought in.
just my 2p :slight_smile: again! thanks for everyones help! I am off to do some reading LOL
Love and peace

Welcome !

Once you get your toes wet, just remember that patience is a virtue.

Learn a little bit about the system every day and do not try to learn it all at once.

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thanks gdkramer!
I am horribly impatient LOL
Love and peace!

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No need to apologize. I literally ran into a tree once. :dizzy_face:

I can't speak about ST because I never used or looked into it. But even after my 2 weeks of ownership the HE is everything BUT disapointing! I can do just about everything I planned on doing and with more ease then I was expecting to be honest. Before HE I've tried Home Assistant and OpenHab (both to much programming for me) and Homey Pro (lack of support and freedom).

My sister tried that to once on a bike. Her explanation was that the tree was suddenly crossing the street. We still don't know if these kinds of things run in the family :joy:

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Coming from someone who is not a programmer, who came from ST and 2 others prior to that... my advice is to utilize the built in apps such as Simple Lighting and Notifications before attempting Rule Machine (RM), then start slowly with RM and let your automation grow with you as you learn.

I've been on the platform for over a year now, barely got the hang of RM 3 and now RM 4 is kicking my butt. I have 2 rules I can't get to work no matter what I try or what has been suggested. I believe they are possible, just haven't landed on the right combinations yet.

The docs are written for developers (IMHO), however don't be afraid to dive in.

The HE team is amazing, quick to respond either here or via email and your fellow users are equally eager to help

Welcome and good luck

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Hi again!
well thank you everyone for your kind words!
as to the tree.. well I do that regularly as I am legally blind LOL!
I think it will all become a lot clearer once it arrives :slight_smile:
as to HA.. well I started with homeseer (horrible, but so was X10)
LinuxMCE scary and unpredictable, but for media, it was fab! and if they had had backing it could have been ace!
all sorts of random "half HA hybrids" Smartthings and now hear!
and thank you Fritz! for making me feel better about not buying the Homey Pro (nearly, ever so nearly.. if it had been a bit cheaper.... LOL)
Love and peace, and again, thanks!

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I can't say enough good things about the knowledge and welcoming spirit here in the forums. I'm a noob too and just started using Hubitat a month ago and everyone has helped tremendously.


At least you have a legitimate excuse. In my defense I was just a kid at the time. But it was a massive oak tree about 6' across. I think my body was barely a foot wide at the time.

Definitely. You have to dig into to it to learn the logic of it all. A perfect example for me is RM. Much like toy4rick I was just getting my head wrapped around RM 3 and RM 4 showed up. With great improvements and capabilities but it's a learning process all over again.

those trees, don't half hurt!!
I believe my hub is waiting at home for me!!
we will see, soon enough!! thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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well.. just an update!
I had a look this morning, but I can't seem to enter a UK postcode.
if T leave it blank it lets me complete provisioning but I assume it randomly picks "some place" as my location (despite me picking location on the map) it says sunrise is 10:19 and sunset is 02:17 :open_mouth:
Oh well off to work now, the approach taken in the portal is "nothing" like anything I have used before.. oh well, we will see
have a great weekend everyone :slight_smile:

Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars
Oak tree you're in my way
-Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Use your lat/long instead.

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Great Music there :wink:

Thanks Angus!
at least "that" is sorted now LOL

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