MQTT Explorer Shows Device Topics/Status but Devices Don't Respond

I'm new to this, but have managed to get one GE Z-wave external appliance switch to respond to MQTT messages. However I have been unsuccessful in getting other GE wall switches to work. I can control the switches directly from Hubitat, and can see the switch topics in MQTT Explorer, however when I publish commands to those topics, nothing happens.

In MQTT explorer, I can even see the switch state changes when I operate the switch from Hubitat. This tells me that I've got the right topics and that the switch is talking to MQTT, but I can't seem to operate the switch myself.

I'm at a loss for what to try next.

I can add that it looks like Hubitat may be frequently disconnecting and reconnecting from the broker. When I look at the broker log, I see the disconnects/connects. Is this normal behavior for the Hubitat MQTT link?

On the device page for the MQTT virtual device, the "Current States" field sometimes shows "connectionState: connected" and at other times is blank.

I have been able to verify that I am able to publish other topics to the broker. However when I publish to a Hubitat device topic, MQTT Explorer shows the update for a few seconds until the Hubitat device posts its status (in response to a ping, it seems).

So I'm wondering if the Hubitat driver is not able to read the topic updates from the broker???

When I use the Hubitat app to turn the light on/off, I can see in the Hubitat logs that the MQTT app is talking to the driver and pushing out the appropriate update to the broker. However, when I try to publish to the Hubitat light topic from MQTT Explorer, no activity shows up in the logs.

I'm experiencing the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

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