Moving to Hubitat from SmartThings, Advice on Fibaro

Hi All,

This is my first time posting here. Like many I suspect I am moving from SmartThings as performance has become sub-par, my system needs an overhaul, and I don't think that ST is going in a direction that suits me.

I suspect that I'm going to end up with a hybrid with most stuff on Hubitat, but a few things left on ST, however it's essential that I can move all of my Fibaro devices over and have them work well.

I have the following Fibaro kit:
9 x FGR 222 blind modules
8 x FGS 223 double switch modules
35 x FGD 212 dimmer 2 modules
(it's a big house!)

The effort & cost of replacing these is completely prohibitive, so I need to
a) be sure that, with effort, I will be able to get these working nicely on Hubitat
b) plan out the migration to accomplish a)

The basis of the plan is to position the Hubitat next to ST, set up the hub sync, and then move the devices a room or two at a time, starting with the physically closer ones and working out.

Can anyone out there confirm that they have a network of 50+ Fibaro devices working OK on Hubitat, and whether there are any specific steps I should follow in setting them up.

(for e.g. I have realised that given I don't use their metering functions, so I should turn these off to reduce network chatter, but what else?)

I'm mildly nervous, but mostly excited, about the move!



I have the double relays working with community driver

I use about 30 z-wave devices in my setup. Mostly FGS-222, FGS-223 and FGR-223
You will find comunity drivers do a good job.

I do advise you follow the post instruction best practice to building your Z-wave mesh and include the devices accordingly.
My only real issue with Z-wave right now is that occasionaly upon a scene sending commands to a large number of devices the process takes longer than expected to send data to all devices. This is a known issue and I hope it will be sorted out with the new release announced today (did not check yet).
Good luck in your new challange