Moving rules and devices

Hello there
I think my hub number 1 is getting overloaded.
220 devices and lot of rulles.
I have therefore bought a new hub and I want to move a part from 1>2
But what will be the best, I have my center of the house where both are installed and logically back part of house to 1 and front part to 2, which is no problem.
But to get most out of it, should I move both devices and rules, or will rules do. I think that moving both will give the most free space in number 1 hub?

Lots of different ways to approach this, and lots of opinions! Some folks have zigbee devices on one hub and zwave on another. Others have devices on one hub and rules on another. Others have one hub at one end of the house and another at the other and split devices alon geographic lines, so to speak. I'll share my personal strategy and I'm sure others will weigh in as well.

I have three hubs. I have about 400 devices on my production hub, some of them virtual but most physical. I have a fair number of rules and other integrations as well. My secondary hub is basically my acceptance region. It houses some particularly chatty devices and rules that would otherwise bog down the primary hub. It has no zigbee or zwave devices. My tertiary hub is strictly nonprod.

Thank you for your time and answer!
Maybe a good idea to have rules on one hub and devices on an other, I think it would make the whole thing easier for me. Means I only have to export rules and then share devices

Btw I only run zigbee

I agree. I know some people split rules between hubs but that would drive me bananas. I have only some very device-specific rules on my 2nd hub, and only rules that interact directly with the devices on that hub and nothing else. Plus connecting everything with hub mesh and then doing an export/import of rules (at least RM rules) will allow you to use the import wizard (or whatever it's called) to drop in the replacement devices without going too crazy.

Before you go much further though it might be a good idea to investigate why you think you're having hub load issues in the first place. It might be a particularly chatty app or driver and that may cause you to rethink your strategy. Are you having specific issues you think may be related to load? Have you looked at the device and app logs to see what might be bogging you down? You might also try the hub info app/driver to monitor key performance indicators. Or are you just being proactive at this point?

I see actions not always performed, as well as, when loiding the hp for the hub, it does not allways show the side menues before I refresh the page.
However it could be called a sort of proactive :slight_smile:
At the moment I am trying with one single rule, but without succes for the time being.
However more investigating should make it run

The logs do not show anything suspicius

I suggest you go to the main menu, Logs, and look for Devices stats, and App stats.

There you will see the time your hub is busy for ones or the others, and conclude if your hub is really saturated (and what is to blame), and what to move.

Mine, with a lot of rules and devices is 0,7% busy for Apps and 0,4% for Devices.

Thank you for your time

I can see only one device with a significiant number of events, 491, much more than others of the same type, however nothing that that does concerns me