Moving Pistons Problem

I am trying to move a Piston from my ST Hub Webcore to my Hubitat Webcore, when I select the piston and click, I get a Pop up on the screen that says "Sorry Not Ready"
ALSO Now when trying to log into my ST Webcore, I can't seem to get that Webcore pistons to show up, it wants to only show the Hubitat Webcore. Please Help! Thanks!

Do you have HE console logs for this run?

HE console -> logs

Also note, that I think move is not implemented in the webCoRE UI (this is same for ST or HE).

You may want to in the webCoRE IDE backup your pistons

webcore IDE -> Backup pistons (above where you saw move), and then select pistons and save them to a local file.

Then you can restore them in the new webcore instance from this backup file

  • restore works in the IDE by '+New Piston' -> Import a piston from a backup file

I think the other thing you can do is create a new piston in Hubitat and select "Create a duplicate" and pick the original from Smartthings. You're going to need to open them all to replace the ST devices with the Hubitat equivalent anyway.

I moved all of my 40+ pistons from ST to HE in October using this very method. It was quick, easy, and worked every time. Of course, you'll need to update all referenced devices, but that's a relatively easy step.

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