Moving; need to know how best to handle

Hello, all. I could use some advice as I'm about to move houses and want to plan for this to make it as easy as possible. Here is the situation.

I've been in the process of building a custom home for the last year or so and have been living in a temporary place during that time. I've used almost every hub/system there is over the years, and for the past year and a half have been testing several and been using Hubitat during that time as well. Hubitat is my system of choice now, and will be running the automation in the new home, but I've had a modest installation in the temp place for a while now (probably 4 zwave dimmers, several motion detectors, several different kinds of switches/buttons (testing a few). The installation includes Sonos, Lutron Caseta Pro Hub and several switches and pico devices, open/close sensors, Echo integration, hub link (tied to a ST hub), Life 360 integration, IFTTT integration, and a few Yeelight bulbs. I may have forgotten a couple of things.

The new house is almost done and I'll be moving in about two weeks. Obviously this will be a completely fresh system, but I would love to know what my procedure should be when I move. Here's some initial details on the soon to be system.

It will include two Hubitat hubs (I've already purchased the new one a few weeks ago, and I'll be using the existing one as well). The reason for this is I have an outbuilding that has a large boat garage, but also a dedicated theater, equipment room/storage, and a bathroom. It will also include two Caseta Pro Hubs (again, just purchased a second and will use the existing one). I will be using Zwave locks (Schlage), a lot of zwave dimmers and switches (GE), and quite a few, although not as many, Caseta dimmers (most of these will be in the outbuilding/theater). I will also have about 8 Caseta fan controllers (all in the main house), which is why I need a Caseta hub in both buildings. I will have some Zigbee devices (probably more over time), as well as some Yeelights most likely. I'll have several different types of controllers/switches (battery) around as well, including several Lutron Pico devices and zwave devices. I'll have door sensors, water sensors, motion sensors, etc., as well.

So, with that background, I would love to understand the best order of things as well as any tips and tricks to:

  1. Shut down the existing system and reset everything to be ready to start anew
  2. Set everything back up again in a sane order

As an example, should I remove caseta devices first, reset everything including the caseta hub, then remove zwave devices one by one? Should I remove all of the "apps" on the hubitat or just reset it (I don't actually know I to do that yet, BTW)? Is there a decent write up of steps on shutting everything down somewhere (I didn't find one)? I guess if I get everything shut down and reset in an orderly fashion, getting everything set back up would be pretty straightforward.

One more question right now (I'm sure I'll have more as I start the planning and the shutdown); Is it correct to assume that it will work at the new place to have one Hubitat in each building and one Caseta Pro Hub in each building, and the hubs closet to each other will be connected to each other, and all of the devices (including the caseta devices) will be accessible on the "master" hub? I haven't used two Caseta Hubs or Hubitat hubs before, let alone all together. Is there a certain order this new setup with the hub links and Caseta hubs should be set up to increase chances of success?

Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the long question. I'm just not sure what I should plan on. Bill~