Moving Lutron Caseta switches and dimmers

I’m planning to move some Lutron caseta switches from one bathroom to another that currently has only some dumb switches. Then add some new caseta devices in the first bathroom.

Are there any potential pitfalls to keep in mind when physically moving caseta devices to a new room? I believe they don’t form a mesh network, the way z-wave and zigbee switches do.

It's also my understanding they do not use any type of mesh but just an RF to the hub. You can add one wall receptacle as a repeater.

No pitfalls, you can easily do this. Lutron uses a 'fixed repeater' network. In a Caséta system there are no repeaters, only the SmartBridge Pro. It has a useful range on the order of 150 feet.

This is not true for Lutron; outlets are not repeaters, and Lutron doesn't sell Caséta outlets.

Sorry wrong terminology. Lamp Dimmer -

But it DOES act as a repeater/range extender.

Lutron told me that you can add one lamp module per pro hub as a range extender. This is how I have mine setup in the Lutron app. I believe this is what @dustin is referring to.

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Correct..sorry used wrong terminology. I have a dimmer as well.

Nice. I forgot about this one. I wouldn't resort to this unless and until I discovered there was a problem reaching a device. Lutron widely under-specifies the range of their products, so as to never under perform against expectations.

Just moving a device within a home is not a big deal.

I needed to use one of these to extend my Caseta system to reach the extreme edge of my house for some shades I put in. Ironically, the shades in the garage worked fine, but some shades near a fireplace closer couldn't be accessed without it. Must have been enough metal shielding the RF or something.

Agree they totally underestimate their range but I do have one switch that's been having some issues so I bought the dimmer to see if it helped. I've also read you can just add a second hub with the understanding you have to logon with a separate account as hub to account/email is a one to one relationship.

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This would seem to make sense for those who are planning to heavily invest in Lutron Switches, Dimmers, Picos, etc... as it will also get you another 50 devices of capacity.

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Thanks for the replies, all. I don't anticipate any range issues when moving the switches since my apartment is not that big.

Does the HE Lutron Integrator app rely on the “rooms” that each device is assigned to in the Lutron app in any way? I’ve kind of messed up the room organization in the Lutron app with this movement of switches.

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No it doesn't use any of the room info.

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