Moving - Leaving Hub Behind

Looking for some advice on what procedure to follow.
I currently have a C5 & C7 hub. I never actually did anything with the C7 so it has no devices on it but it is active on my account.

I will be moving in the next couple of weeks and I wish to leave the C5 hub behind along with most of its devices/programing for the family member that will be taking over my old home. With that in mind I would really like to "transfer" the C5 over to her leaving it totally as is but disconnect it from my account (hope that makes sense). Is there a way to accomplish this without breaking the C5? I don't care if I have to reset the C7.


Tagging @bobbyD, he will be able to help you

Makes perfect sense, and I am glad you are planning out your move. If you know what email they use, you can transfer the hub to their email from If you don't know what email they'll use, then you might want to set up a neutral email account that you can pass on to them. Either way, check out this post to learn how to transfer your hub to a different email account without resetting or breaking anything:


Awesome - Thanks

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