Moving. Fun drawer items for sale

Hopefully for sale post ok in here.
Almost certain we’re moving an a couple of months and it’s overseas so I’m not sure what of any of this will work ( Malaysia ).

So the 1st question is. If my hu will work …I’m taking one :). And will buy the zigbee fun stuff over there.

But I have a drawer full of mostly new items.

6 x Sylvania LED Flex XL RGBW strips. New. These are the 24v strips. You can run 80 feet on a single power supply.

4 X Sylvania Smart Accent Outdoor RBG kits. New.

3 Inovelli Smart LED strips. These are the multi chase strips. 5 feet each I think. One pack was opened to include it to HE but was never installed. So all 3 are new.

1 Inovelli Red dimmer. Was opened but never installed.

1 zooz Zen 32 scene controller. New.

1 Lutron Pico. Unopened.

2 ikea tradifi square buttons. New.

4 ikea tradfi round buttons. They rotate to control things like dimmers. New.

2 used Zen switches or dimmers. Zwave plus.

1 used GE jasco dimmer. Zwave

2 new water ■■■■ off valves. Never installed. One is a water cook the other is a dome I think. Can post a pic of that soon.

If I don’t let the system go with the house I have about 20 or 25 switches and dimmers and a Lutron pro Ii bridge. But I have that controlling some light strips that don’t have switches. So I might let the hub and the bridge 2 go with the house. And to be honest. I don’t know if I want to screw with all of the rewiring.

Really preset to sell local ( Houston ) but I’m sure I can figure out shopping.

No rush on this and I haven’t even thought about price so open to reasonable offers.

Tons to think about!


If it's a C-7, then you can switch the Z-wave region on the settings page once you get to your destination to make it select the right frequency.

FWIW, Zigbee gear uses 2.4GHz worldwide and your existing Zigbee equipment will work unchanged

I sent you a PM on the sale items.

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Thanks. Out of curiosity. If I switch the zwave frequency , will items purchased here not work?
I was thinking of bringing some items with me. Zen 16s perhaps and zooz tilt sensors. Pretty certain I’ll want garage door controllers!

They won’t work. But there are zigbee equivalents from Tuya that will work.

Good luck with the move!

So based on the zwave frequency being selectable on the hub amd zigbee being generic everywhere, I ordered a new hub to take with me.

I still have some new zigbee contact sensors, all my leak sensors. And based on zigbee being compatible I might take some of the new LED strips. It’s a 24v dc supply so I can just swap out the power brick.

Not sure if the community has many international members but I wonder if I’m better off buying some additional items here and taking with me or just look for things there?

Switches. Will wait till I get there. Can’t imagine finding 240 switches in the US will be easier.

Door locks. Have no idea the standard yet.

Garage door opener. Not sure what we’re looking at but would love to find zigbee NO relays and zigbee tilt sensor.

Smart plugs. Again. Can’t imagine getting tyke going and 240 v would be easier here but can’t hurt to look!

Anyway. Thinking about this keeps my mind off the daunting task of sorting through 10’years of accumulation in Houston. Pretty certain I’m going to have a big garage sale!

Very interested in some of this Mac. Sent you a DM.


Sold some items...found some more to list.
Heres what i still have left.

2 * IRIS KeyPads 3405-L. $5 Ea

4 * Tradfri ( round ) devices / 2 Square Button all 6 for $10

1 * Caseta Smart Bridge pro. Used. up t0 date firmware and works perfectly $75

1 New Pico, 3 used Picos, 2 mounting plates to wall mount picos $30 for all 6 pieces

3* inovelli LED Light Strips All new. $40 each. $100 for all 3

4 * Sylvania Smart Outdoor RGB Lighting Kits $15 ea. $50 for all 4

1 * SAGE DoorBell Sensor ( Connects to the chime and alerts on HE when anyone rings the doorbell ) $5

1 Gledoptco Zigbee RGBW controller $5

2 * Jasco Indoor Outdoor 40 Amp switches. New. $75 EA

5 * 16 foor Sylvania 73773 Light strips. These are the 24v that can drive up to 80 feet of RGBW strip from 1 power supply ( only have 4 power supplies ) selling as a set. $100. These are great but hard to find anymore. Unfinished project that im not finishing anymore

1 * ZEN 32 scene controller New in box. $15

Willing to box and ship but buyer pays shipping

Otherwise – can pick up in the Houston area.

ill take these pm me details and paypal info.. when are you moving as we are going to fl for a month so not able to receive shipments

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