Moving from Wink without Lutron hub


I am using Wink now an moving over to HE. I am able to use my Caseta dimmers and Pico remotes without a hub now. Will that still be the case with HE? I'd obviously prefer to not have to spend the extra money.

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Wink (and Staples Connect) got Lutron Licenses for the radio they built in. Hubitat tried to get one, but Lutron is refusing.

A great choice is the $88 (free shipping, maybe still?) Lutron SmartBridge PRO (at Energy Avenue)



As @csteele indicates, you will need to purchase a caseta smart bridge. Specifically, the Caseta SmartBridge Pro (L-BDGPRO2-WH), as @csteele emphasized, and not the regular non-pro SmartBridge (L-BDG2-WH).

If the price of a new one on EnergyAvenue seems high, check out eBay; I purchased a used one for $75.


Thank you for the answers and the extra background on licensing.



$88 with free shipping for a new bridge vs a used one seems high? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, I got mine off eBay for a song, but that's rare.



Lucky you. But 15% less wasn't bad, and it was in really good shape. And that price was mitigated by my selling my Caseta non-pro bridge for $40 ...


I guess we're both lucky!


I continued to use my Wink Hub in parallel with my HE for the first month as I saved for the Lutron Hub. I used IFTTT as an in-between service with virtual switches so I could still turn on/off devices through HE dashboard. Now I have the lutron caseta pro hub and love the full integration and the more advanced configuration of the caseta picos.


Yup. Love the things I can now use the Pico remotes for!!


Free shipping code for EnergyAvenue is FREESHIP18.


EA should start giving us kickbacks!! :clown_face: