Moving from a dead ST hub to active Hubitat

I was using a ST hub that was passed down to me (STH-ETH-001) and little did I know that on July 1 it would turn into a brick. I only have 3 switches (1 on/off, 2 dimmers) connected to it, but I was never able to remove the switches from ST so that I could migrate them to Hubitat.

Now, that ST is a fancy paperweight I have no access to unpair the switches from it. I've tried following along on other posts but I can't seem to get my z-wave switches to connect. I tried the exclusion tool. Two of my three switches have the tab at the bottom and I tried to reset those with no luck.

I have not tried resetting the radio option under settings and the z-wave tab, since I honestly have no idea what that means and I don't want to make things worse.

I have a very basic understanding of how this all works. When it works, it's great, when it doesn't I'm at a complete loss.


if they're z-wave switches simply do an exclude before include on hubitat. If that doesn't work just do a factory reset on the device. If they're zigbee, factory reset them before pairing

Did you put your switches into exclusion mode?

That’s an air-break switch, and won’t do a factory reset.

There’s no need to do this.

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The first thing you can try to do when you are ready to include a Z-wave device, is to first run an exclusion (from Discover Devices, select Z-wave, then click Z-wave Exclusion and follow the instructions to perform an exclusion according to your specific device). If you don't know how to put the device in exclusion mode, you might want to check the following document that has instructions for popular devices:

If you cannot exclude the device, then try to bring the hub closer to the device, as it might be a range issue. If you don't think the range is an issue, then please send us an emai at so we can further investigate.

Also note that if the device gets included when the hub is brought closer, once you move the hub back to its permanent location, the device may stop working. To resolve that problem, you will need to add additional mains powered devices (repeaters) between the hub and the device to strengthen the Z-wave network.


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