Moved Hub - Mesh Repair

I am troubleshooting my z-wave mesh performance and step 1 was to move the hub out of a metal network cabinet in the basement to a centralized place in my house. I did that today and ran a mesh repair as I figured the mesh needed to basically start over.

I have devices in the same room as the hub that I've ran repairs on and they're still taking 4 hop trips to the hub instead of connecting directly. This seems wrong. How can I fix this?

This all started from my evening "turn off lights" routines causing a lot of delays. Anytime that rule would run or if I spammed 5-6 lights the mesh network would become unresponsive for 60+ seconds. Smaller actions generally respond instantly. So, any help there would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Zwave will correct itself if left alone. You could go through and do zwave repair on devices that have noticeable issues though.

It just takes time. Not a few hours, but days.


I've been clicking through a few of these and I've got 5 devices that seem to be ghosts. I've tried refhreshing, removing, etc. but they are just stuck pending. Is this something that will clear up on its own?

Couple of points:

  • It can take days to weeks for Z-Wave devices to re-route...doing the repair can help them along a bit, it still will take "a while."
  • Those do show routing so hopefully just a temporary connectivity hiccup

Do this:

  1. Shut down hub from Settings menu
  2. Pull plug (from wall, hub connector can be fragile)
  3. Wait one minute
  4. Plug in hub and let it boot up

After it boots up check to see how things look.

More is not necessarily better w/Z-Wave, sometimes it needs to sit and work out its issues on its own.

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