Moved and Some Zigbee Devices Aren't Reconnecting?

So we just moved. I have a lot of Zigbee devices (bulbs, thermostat, outlets, etc) While were were getting ready to move, I packed each device up in a ziploc and wrote where it came from. They sat packed in that bin for about a month.

In the new house, I put things back in the relevant location in the new house.

Most things work, but some lights and such aren't working in the new house. I figured since they were already paired to my hub and my hub moved to the new house as well, once I plugged everything in, it would just work.

Am I missing something? Do I need to do something to the devices that don't seem to be working? I am hoping I don't need to remove the device and re-add it because the devices are tied to a lot of other things (rules, motion, schedules, etc)


You can reset a zigbee device without removing it from the hubitat web interface, then put the hub in zigbee pairing mode, and the device should be found and fall back into place where it was.

Your automations, dashboards, etc. should all remain intact.

Cool. I’ll give it a shot. Any explanation as to why they wouldn’t reconnect? Same hub, same devices, different house and they were in a box for a month, but still. Hmm.

There is your answer. Is the house the exact same layout with the same walls/ insulation. I'm guessing not, the new layout is going to need a new mesh. So the devices that used to be joined together to get back to the hub may no longer be able to see each other. You may now need more repeaters or you may just need to leave it a while for everything to find a new route again.

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Yeah, I get that, but my brain says if I had the hub powered off for more than 20-mins (in this case, 1-month) when it reconnected it would build new mesh routes in the new house. I made sure all devices were in their final spot before plugging everything back in. Makes sense, doesn't it?

I assume you removed the battery's aswell? Otherwise you may have flat battery on them device's. It's the devices that goes into panic mode. So having no hub for a month and they screaming out to find a coordinator is going to drain the batterys.