Move Hub To Different Network

This has probably been covered before, but not really finding an answer.

I am going to be setting up a friend on Hubitat. I have a new HE hub that I bought for backup. My plan is to hook it up to my network, get it registered to him, install what I can before going to his house. He's a couple hours away.

There should be no problem doing that is there? Since the hub gets its IP thru DHCP I should be able to find the new IP at the final destination. And assume everything else will be ok.

Main reason I ask, is I seem to remember you couldn't do that with ST.

Just have him register for an account on and use those credentials when registering the hub after that it should be fine, just remember to give the hub a reserved IP address on his router when you bring it there so it never changes while it's on his network.

I will be registering it here with his credentials on my network. Then move it to his network at which time it should be able to access it using the registration I used at my place?

Shouldn't be an issue.